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Founded in 2015, Yeba is the first contemporary accessory brand with African roots to ascend the world of luxury handbags.

Yeba aims at championing women to reveal their greatness and fulfill their potential. We design modern and timeless essentials, highest quality handbags drawing inspiration from both modern aesthetics(such as architecture) and Yeba’s African heritage from Benin. Perfect balance between modernity and tradition, our handbags are beautiful objects with a soul, handcrafted by fine Italian artisans to last longer than a lifetime. They are pieces to keep tight by your side on your journey towards self-accomplishment.

At heart, founder Yeba believes that every woman has a true inner talent. This way, her accessory should help her not to lose sight of what is already there deep inside. Wearing the name ‘Yeba’ is simply wearing an invisible crown – a crown that has been passed down as heritage from a long line of strong women to you. This name, this title, is the bond that unites all of us, as one community, with roots all over the world, animated by the same yearning heart, the same ambition to fulfill ourselves and have a positive impact in this world.

Yeba means – the one born to accomplish her destiny. It is a state of mind, a philosophy, a mindset. A legacy.



Hundreds years ago, in the land of the hills of Benin, the first Yeba was born. She became Queen after her father died on the battlefield. To everyone’s surprise, she led her troops to victory. As she wanted her domain to be a peaceful one, she forged alliances with subregion tribes. She did something no woman or man had done before.

She gave birth to three sons and she made them promise to name their first daughters Yeba, which now means ‘the one born to fulfill her destiny.’

When you are called Yeba, it implies that there is nothing you cannot accomplish.

If this Queen’s spirit could speak today, it would tell you…


Embracing this anything-is-possible mindset and philosophy, we want to create ‘elegant & feminine’, yet practical, chic business essentials that fit into modern women’s lifestyles. The Yeba woman is confident and aspirational. Each essential she wears becomes a statement that reflects her personal drive.

Most of the time, she’s on the go, walking her way down to life like nothing can stop her. Smiley and focused, she is intelligent, driven & confident, knowing that there is no limit to what she can accomplish or choose to be.


Yeba Olayé is a Belgian-Beninese designer. Two years ago, she left behind her career in management consulting to pursue her dream: create an aspirational luxury brand. Starting with nothing but a sketchbook, she ultimately turned her vision into reality: her beautiful collection ‘Premiere’ and her undefeated passion inspires.

Yeba designs for a woman who lives in the present and moves toward achieving herself; a woman that is aspirational and wants to be the lead of her own story.



Our handbags are made in Italy, by pure & authentic craftsmen with exceptional precision and care.



Born in Benin and raised in Europe, Creative director and founder Yeba Olayé is a multi-faceted talent who left behind a career of more than 10 years in Management consulting and finance to pursue her dream: create an aspirational accessory brand. Starting with nothing but a sketchbook, she ultimately turned her vision into reality.

Yeba believes that every woman has greatness and talent within her and designs accessories as reminders to not lose sight of what is already there. Launching this brand was a way to carry her passion, culture and heritage forward.

Her love of fashion joins a passion for craftsmanship, design, and humanitarianism to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that will remain by your side forever.

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34, Rue du Pont Levis Brussels 1200 Belgium