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International Biennale of contemporary textile art and fabrics In Verviers

28 octobre 2023 > 21 avril 2024

The Wool and Fashion Tourist Center (CTLM) in Verviers (Belgium) offers the opportunity to discover the textile history of the city by considering its creative, social, economic and human aspects.

The CTLM is located in a listed historic monument, the former Thier textile factory.

Lieux-Communs based in Namur (Belgium) organizes contemporary art exhibitions, particularly in heritage places in Belgium and France.

Lieux-Communs provides artistic direction for various events: Festival of the 5 Seasons, Biennale Romanesque, etc.

These two partners collaborate to offer fabrics:

The history of Verviers, former world textile capital, is closely linked to textile creation.

Through the Étoffe(s) Prize, the ambition is to generate and strengthen a dynamic of contemporary textile artistic creation. It is also to provide a showcase for this renewal of textile creation observed in the field of contemporary art.

A special feature of the prize is that it is also open to multidisciplinary artists for whom textiles are only one aspect of the practice and of the piece proposed for the Biennale.

13 artists present their work to you, included in the CTLM’s permanent tour dedicated to the region’s industrial past.

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