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De Bruwaan 16 Oudenaarde 9700 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)55 31 26 06 Fax: +32 (0)55 33 00 75 Website:

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VdS Weaving is a family owned textile company and has been warping and weaving fabrics since 1935. During the history, the company has consistently adopted “Best Practice” principles and continuously invested in the development of new technologies. Our history has strongly been influenced by our customers, our suppliers as well as our employees.

Today major activity is warping and weaving technical fabrics for our partners. These fabrics are used in widespread areas of industry, e.g. by coaters for automotive, energy, boating, conveyor belts, composites, construction, filtration, transport sacks, …

Our products are mostly Invisible or hidden in the end products of our customer. Often they are used as reinforcement fabrics or separation fabrics.

The plant is located in Oudenaarde, Belgium.


Our contacts with our customers and suppliers goes far beyond the usual buyer/supplier relationship. We prefer a partnership approach and enjoy many long standing and mutually beneficial relationships. In this way, we become a valuable adjunct to the customers’ and suppliers’ own production facilities, developing a clear insight into their current and future needs. The development of individualized fabric solutions is our strength.

After a first contact with the customer we try to understand his needs and we evaluate if we can start a development. If possible, we prefer to sign a non-disclosure-agreement, so that both parties are pro-tected and can have an open research and development. Any new project starts as a prototype on the sample machines before being released for the modern machinery park in the warping – and weaving department.

The development of a fabric is a continuous process. Once a product is developed or the production started it is our purpose to continuously improve the performance of the product or/and to reduce the cost.


The demands made on our high-tech fabrics and their properties are very different because our customers, who process the textiles, operate in such diverse industrial sectors. As a result, VdS Weaving can offer a wide range of products with fabrics made of technical yarns from 33 – 4400 dtex and up to 340 cm wide.


Besides commodities and specialities, we also do subcontracting work in warping and weaving for other textile companies.



• Substrates for coating, laminating for application in automobile, boating, conveyor belts, protection, composites and construction • Reinforcement- and separation fabrics


• Tubular weaves • On line fabric impregnation with latex and acrylate • 3D woven fabrics • Double or more layer fabrics • Conductive and antistatic fabrics • Heat resistant fabrics

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De Bruwaan 16 Oudenaarde 9700 Belgium