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Industriestraat 39 Zone 2 Zele 9240 BelgiumOffice 6th Floor, 9 Appold Street London EC2A 2AP United Kingdom Tel: +32 5 224 00 00 Tel: +44 1482 274 777 Website:

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Adfil has been producing, supplying & specifying construction fibres for over 30 years. In its history, the company has been privately owned and part of a global PLC.

Since 2019 Adfil has been under private ownership. This allowed us to focus the company aiming at long-term future goals. This has resulted in improved products & offering to our market while expanding our manufacturing footprint & capabilities.

ADFIL is leading the way to improve fibre-reinforced concrete further than ever before, including our mission to reduce the carbon footprint in the construction world.

Independent reports prove that the utilization of our fibres can save you up to 90% CO2 in your construction reinforcement.

Due to the improved product performance of our fibres & continued logistic optimizations, we can supply products to your projects, with significant reductions of vehicle movements.

We are a company of expert technologists both in the manufacturing of fibres, in concrete technology, as well as dedicated specialist design engineers – giving you the best concrete reinforcement solutions available in the market.

ADFIL covers direct sales and distributors in over 60 countries worldwide, so you can find an Adfil Fibre Solution wherever you are.

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Industriestraat 39 Zone 2 Zele 9240 Belgium

6th Floor, 9 Appold Street London EC2A 2AP United Kingdom