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RectorVerso introduces Olive


Belgian brand RectoVerso is excited to tell you more about the latest addition to RectoVerso’s color palette – “Olive”.
Olive is a warm, earthy shade reminiscent of lush Kaki. This color evokes the serenity of nature, allowing you to feel connected to the world while wrapped in luxurious comfort.

Here’s why RectoVerso is convinced that you’ll fall in love with Olive:

  1. Olive brings an air of freshness to any outfit. Its hue captures attention while exuding an aura of refined elegance.
  2. This versatile color is a chameleon in the fashion world. Whether you’re adding flair to casual attire, or seeking an eye-catching piece, Olive seamlessly complements a variety of styles.
  3. It possesses a timeless quality that ensures your outfits remain on-trend year after year.

We have 5 different pieces available in this beautiful color:

Olive Legging – A high-waist legging made from a smooth and shaping fabric. This sweatproof and shape-fit legging keeps you comfortable with the perfect amount of support.

Olive Sweater – This exclusive fabric merges elegance and comfort with a cool luxurious feel.

Olive Hoodie – This exclusive fabric merges heat insulation and comfort with a luxurious feel. Its remarkably soft touch will make you want to wear it all day.

Olive balloon Jogging – The ultimate combination of comfort and design. The trendy balloon shape in combination with the soft Spacer fabric give these sweatpants a tailored and refined look.

Olive Sports Bra – The ultimate sports bra characterised by a compressive fabric that keeps you comfortable whilst giving you the right amount of support.

Discover more about Olive and RectoVersos mission for sustainability on