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About us was registered in 2003 by Belgian artist, Bert Eelen. It took 19 years to turn it into the current version.
In 2022 we turned a new page and will get this project moving. has different objectives.

The main objective of is to organize an online business directory of companies related to the fashion industry in Belgium and to offer these companies IT services offers



DOMAINNAMES (with Belgian partner)

HOSTING (with Belgian partner)

WEBSHOP (with European and other partners)

POS (with European partners)

E-MAILINGS (with Belgian partner)

CAMERA PROTECTION (with Belgian partner)

CAMERA DOORBELL (with Belgian partner)

SERVER INSTALLATION (with Belgian partner)

FIREWALL CONFIGURATION (with Belgian partner)

GOOGLE MOVE (with Belgian partner)

CUSTOM CODING (Bert Eelen & some Belgian partners)

The last objective of is to make art by Bert Eelen more visible to the world.

Discover more art by Bert Eelen on