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Vertically-integrated weaving mill Ter Molst is specialized in designing, manufacturing and distributing interior textiles for upholstery and curtains. By housing design, yarn production, fabric production and finishing under the same roof, Ter Molst offers fabrics that have been tested on premium quality from the start.

Being global is one of the core values at Ter Molst. Our Belgian headquarters and divisions in North Carolina, USA and Coimbatore, India are fully equipped to meet the latest local market trends, while also radiating a universal character.

Together with our sales offices in China (GTA Hangzhou) and Poland (GTA Polska), and our worldwide network of agents and sales representatives, we aim to be at your service – anytime, anywhere.


Hand-drawn designs with a signature mark

Home interiors are trend-sensitive, and the fabrics used for upholstery and curtains play a big role in these trends. Outstanding design is one of our main assets. Our in-house design teams in Belgium, the USA and India breathe creativity and spark their imagination by visiting trend shows and browsing the web and interior magazines. They infuse this dynamic inspiration into all Ter Molst collections, both commercial and residential.

Our designers have accumulated years of experience in their field and specialize in creating designs and compositions for textural solids and jacquards. Our teams work closely together to add a signature touch to all our fabrics, creating the unique Ter Molst look and feel for the several collections we launch each year.

Custom-made designs are welcome endeavors at Ter Molst, as we highly value collaboration and flexibility. We create personalized fabrics by cultivating close partnerships between sales and R&D teams, and our clients.

Good for you, safe for our planet

Sustainability, high quality and an excellent performance are key when producing our upholstery and drapery fabrics. Our dedicated QA & QC departments rigorously test all Ter Molst fabrics, to guarantee that we meet and exceed the following international standards:

Color fastness
Martindale Abrasion
Wyzenbeek Abrasion (USA only)
Brush Pill (USA only)
Tensile strength
Seam slippage
Tear strength
Fire retardancy
Call117 FR (USA only)
Independent accredited laboratories test all new developments once a year. Our high standards translate in the certificates we carry. At Ter Molst, we certify that all fabrics are completely free from harmful substances, verified by our Oeko-Tex, Class II accreditation. Our fabrics are skin friendly and harmless to humans, animals, and the environment.

Oeko-Tex Label Belgium – Oeko-Tex Label USA – Oeko-Tex Label India


From farm to world in 67 years

1953: Foundation Ter Molst

Belgian weaving mill Ter Molst, Old Flemish for ‘on the farm’, was established in 1953 in an old flax farm in Oostrozebeke.

Founder Remi Vanacker set up his first weaving loom in one of the farm’s former flax sheds and called upon his three daughters to start production. From 1953 until 1962, Ter Molst only produced drapery fabrics, just for the Belgian market.

2016: Global production
Ter Molst brought its proven business model to the USA and India in 2016, partnering with its sister company Global Textile Alliance. Ter Molst set up state-of-the-art machinery to deliver the same high-quality fabrics as in our Belgian headquarters, maximizing the benefits of GTA’s warping departments, extrusion plants, and finishing departments.

Experienced in-house American and Indian textile design teams were employed to work closely together with the Belgian branch, resulting in several fabric collections a year.

Today: Part of Love Home Fabrics
Today, Ter Molst is a fully-integrated mill that operates and sells in more than 100 countries. Since 2017, the company has been part of the global group Love Home Fabrics.

This label joins eleven interior textile brands worldwide and employs 1.500 experienced people to ensure:

Guaranteed quality for every price range
Contemporary fabrics that can be adjusted to your liking
An easy one-stop shopping experience for all your home fabrics


At Ter Molst, we value a sustainable and circular economy. These are not just words. We Act on them. By sourcing sustainable raw materials and implementing a green production process, Ter Molst is taking the eco-friendly route.

Act for Home Textiles
As we are a part of the Act for Home Textiles program by Love Home Fabrics, we focus on producing sustainably. We provide high-quality products that are created in environmental-friendly conditions. We do this by:

  • reducing our energy use,
  • having a full-circle water use and water purification stations,
  • banning harmful substances,
  • and waste recycling.


Besides our sustainable production process, Ter Molst invests heavily in developing fabrics made from eco-friendly yarns. We are transparent about the composition of our fabrics and do this by introducing an eco-score and eco-passport for each fabric. The eco-score and corresponding passport show what percentage of the yarns is eco-friendly and which sustainable yarns are used in the fabric.

Let us introduce you to the eco-friendly yarns we use.

Raw materials
Harmolan PP
Harmolan PP is yarn that we made in-house in Belgium. It is an upcycled yarn made from residual oil components and the most durable man-made fiber available on the market. We use this yarn in all our Vivalife fabrics. During the production process, no water or chemicals are used.

Harmolan PP is the only fiber in the world that’s lighter than water, but the feel of it remains comfortable and cozy. The yarn creates a fabric that has a high wear resistance, is easy to clean and resistant to chemicals, molds and bacteria.

Linen is a strong and natural fiber made from the flax plant. The older it gets, the stronger and more beautiful it becomes. Flax is a renewable source, one that is fast growing, requires no chemicals and has a minimal impact on the planet. Across its lifecycle, a linen shirt uses 6.4 liters of water compared to 2700 liters for a cotton shirt. Our Linen Life collection features all fabrics with natural fiber blends and brings a natural and authentic feel into your home.

Wool is a natural and renewable material that is locally sourced and harmless to the environment. The woolen yarns we use are left undyed, which makes them completely biodegradable.

BCI Cotton
Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) focuses on developing and maintaining sustainable farming practices that are beneficial to the environment, the quality and durability of cotton and the communities of cotton farmers. The goal is to help the cotton industry survive and thrive by introducing them to better soil health and water management, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving climate resilience. It serves as a quality label to help farmers make the cotton production process and products more sustainable and thus reducing the environmental footprint of cotton farming.

GRS polyester
GRS is an international product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content. It indicates that the recycled polyester we use is made from post-consumer recycled PET bottles, produced in good working conditions, and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimized.

Lenzing EcoVero
Because of the sustainable wood source of Lenzing EcoVero, this eco-responsible viscose yarn has a much lower environmental impact than generic viscose yarns. The water impact and CO2 emissions are also 50% lower compared to regular viscose.

In addition, Ter Molst obtained several certificates in recent years.

By being Oeko-Tex certified, we guarantee fabrics that are skin-friendly and harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Moreover, our production facility was granted the highest score (level 3) on the STeP by Oeko-Tex certification.

STeP by Oeko-Tex is a highly valued and independent certification system for the textile industry and is rewarded after a thorough audit. Our high score guarantees we produce in an eco-friendly way, provide socially responsible working conditions and an optimum health and safety environment.

Our products also meet the REACH requirements of the European Community Regulation on safeguarding human health and the environment.


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Grote Molstenstraat 21 Wielsbeke 8710 Belgium