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30/11/23 Fashion Talks

Will you also come to Fashion Talks on Thursday, November 30, 2023?

Main stage speakers

The day starts with a presentation of The State of Fashion 2024, the annual trend report compiled by McKinsey in collaboration with Business of Fashion, which will be presented by Hanna Grabenhofer (McKinsey & Company).

On our main stage you will find the following speakers throughout the day:

Sinéad O’Dwyer & Aya Noël
Sustainability panel with Muchaneta Ten Napel, Valérie Boiten, Lieve Vermeire (Van de Velde) and Charlotte Van Dierendonck (Studio D)
Calum Knight (SHOWstudio) & Dominique Nzeyimana
Lena-Sophie Röper (Zalando) & Ann Claes
Tom Eerebout & Alexander Fury
Meryll Rogge, Stéphanie D’heygere & Eugene Rabkin

Breakout sessions

SCIRT – Delphine Williot (Fashion Revolution), Muchaneta Ten Napel (Shape Innovate &, Charlotte Delfosse (Bel&Bo), Anse Smeets (VITO), Tom Duhoux (VITO) & Simon Gryspeert (Flanders DC): Sustainability, the power or true cost thinking about Sustainability: the power of true cost thinking
Alison Bringé (Launchmetrics) about Beyond Followers: Exploring Instagram’s Influence on Brand Performance
Caroline De Bruyn & Céline Vermeulen (The Dot Society) about TikTok’s Influence on Your Fashion Label
Cédric Jacquemin & Quinten Schaap (Bakermat) about An innovative ecosystem for a transparent textile and fashion industry
Kaat Debo & Baloji about the exhibition “Augurism” and magical realism
Benjamin Daemen (Creative Finance) about Leadership in fashion
Julia Olivio, Leslie Lee & Martin Van den Abeele (Lectra) about Digital transformation: trends and strategies for success
Leonneke Derksen (LĒO) & Sarah Mayer about Digital Faces, Digital Fashion

Meetup tables

During the Meetup tables you will have the opportunity to talk to one of the experts present and get an answer to all your questions. The Meetup tables are limited to a maximum of 5 participants per conversation. So sign up quickly!

Davidson Leite (Resortecs) about Circularity
Natalie Helsen about Storytelling
Florentina Leitner on Design
Ruth Van Soom & Dries Vriesacker (ENFNTS TERRIBLES) about Social media strategy
Lotte Lijnen (Essentiel Antwerp) about Collection development
Katrien Huygens (City of Antwerp) about Fashion opportunities in Antwerp
Roel Auwers (Tomorrowland) about Fashion production

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