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Since my childhood, my grandmother taught me not to throw anything away, always recover clothes by transforming them into something else.

Always passionate about fashion, I taught myself to sew and create the models I wanted. My studies in architecture allowed me to acquire the precision necessary for the development of a pattern. Thanks to this, I worked in the fashion field, as a production manager in the “Mulieris” clothing workshop and as a seamstress in the “Recréart” boutique workshop specializing in the transformation of second-hand clothing.

While working at “Recréart” I realized that transforming clothes, giving them a second life, really appealed to me. In addition, the fruits of my labor sold well. I am passionate about creation.

I notice that in our consumer society, few people really pay attention to an important concept: recycling. Our planet does not have unlimited resources, so little by little we must take responsibility and begin to have a spirit of respect towards the planet.

By recycling, we prove and demonstrate that it is possible to live as eco-responsible people capable of not exaggerating the use of the Earth’s resources. Already in Belgium, more and more people are interested in organic products, I want to be part of this movement and produce clothes showing that the world of couture is not only pomp and luxury.