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Master of Science in Sustainable Materials Engineering
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Master of Science in Sustainable Materials Engineering


In this course you will learn all about the properties of materials such as metals, ceramics and polymers, how they can be made, processed, but also recycled, and how engineering applications strongly depend on material choices and knowledge. Two majors are offered in the Master of Science in Sustainable Materials Engineering: Major Applied Metal Sciences and Major Polymers and Fiber Structures

In the major “polymers and fiber structures” the emphasis is on materials that consist of polymers and structures that are built up from fibers, including textiles.

Polymers are the main raw material from which fibers are made, but ceramic and mineral materials are also discussed. The program includes polymer processing starting from pellets to the final end product.

Emphasis is placed on the behavior of the materials during processing and the resulting properties of the acquired structure.

The major therefore includes learning lines about polymer materials and textile materials as well as derived materials such as composites. The emphasis for the learning line on textile materials is on the principles of technology, the behavior of the fibers and yarns during processing and the properties of the structures.

By giving textile materials a physical or chemical after-treatment, additional properties (added value) can be imparted. Furthermore, the theory of color, color formation and color perception are discussed, in addition to the different dye types as well as the way of application. As such, insight is provided into the textile materials and processes, with specific attention being paid to the development of products with desired functionalities (flame-retardant, wrinkle-resistant, antibacterial, dirt-repellent, etc.). This also includes nanotechnology and biotechnological materials and processes.

Much attention is paid to the development of synthetic turf for sports and other recreational purposes. A specific type of functional materials are the intelligent (interactive) textile materials. Finally, methods are also discussed for monitoring the quality of products and processes.

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Technologiepark 70A Zwijnaarde 9052 Belgium