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European Master Programme in Textile Engineering (E-Team)
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The Master of Science in Textile Engineering program is a two-year program in the field of textile technology. It is one of the oldest international programs of Ghent University. The training is a joint initiative of AUTEX, the worldwide association of textile universities. This English-taught master’s program is also called E-TEAM: European Textile Engineering Advanced Master. E-TEAM is still unique and offers students intensive mobility and high-quality multidisciplinary education in the field of textile technology. From the next edition, the global character will be structurally anchored by stronger involvement of partners from outside Europe and a program reform will be introduced to make better use of this potential.

The three main objectives of the program are to acquire knowledge and fundamental insights about textile materials, processes and applications, personal development and international networking.

E-TEAM’s primary goal is to acquire the necessary academic knowledge in the field of textile technology and to learn to apply this knowledge to design and develop innovative advanced textile products and processes.

In the first three semesters, the students follow lessons, each time around a different theme, namely textile materials (semester 1), production processes (semester 2) and technical applications (semester 3). In the fourth semester, students work on their master’s thesis, on a topic and location of their choice.

Teaching is provided by the most renowned teachers from around the world. They give their subject as an intensive course during one week at the location where the students are or supervise a student with the master’s thesis in their lab. Curriculums run across courses and semesters and provide a deepening of specific themes, such as computational methods and sustainability. There is significant industry input and two of the instructors even have their own businesses.

Extensive mobility plays a major role in personal development: students spend two to four semesters abroad, are part of a multicultural group and are taught by international teachers, each with their own communication style and learning method, in a changing environment and culture. Students become flexible, communicative, enterprising and solution-oriented. In addition, competences, skills and attitudes are actively developed through learning lines on scientific, critical and design thinking.

The many formal and informal contacts with local and international students, teachers, researchers and companies ensure that students can already build on an international and diverse network when they graduate.

E-TEAM alumni mainly choose a job in the textile or material industry, the supply sector (textile machine construction, chemistry) or sectors where textile products are used (transport, furniture sector, medical sector, construction, protection, etc.). Furthermore, all jobs are also open to typical engineering profiles: consultancy, government, education and research, …

About 1 in 6 E-TEAM alumni obtains a PhD.

What is particularly striking is the large share of international careers: almost half of the graduates opt for a job abroad.

From the 2020-2022 edition (starting in academic year 2020-2021), the first semester will always be organized at Ghent University, the second semester will rotate between University of West Attica (Greece, edition 2020-2022), Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain) , edition 2021-2023) and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs Sud Alsace (France, edition 2022-2024) while for the third semester, students can choose between University of Borås (Sweden) and Kyoto Institute of Technology (Japan). The fourth semester is reserved for a master’s thesis at a location of your choice.

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