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design Contact: Bieke HOET
Office klaverstraat 71 Bruges 8000 belgium Tel: +32 (0) 50 33 43 02

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Hoet has launched the ‘Made in Belgium’ 3D laser-printed eyeglasses made of titanium. The 3D technology offers a number of unprecedented options in terms of design and in addition, this technology is eco-friendly – a feature that must not be overlooked.

Design: the front part is made of titanium with an open structure that varies per model. When using only classical production techniques, it is nearly impossible to achieve similar frames. The 3D laser-printed HC collection includes 4 models. For the best possible comfort these eyeglasses are available in various lens and bridge sizes and are equipped with adjustable temples. The models H2 and F2 even have moveable nose pads.

Eco-friendly: This technology produces eyeglasses without creating any waste, while using a very low amount of energy. An additional eco-friendly aspect is that there is no need for the production of stock.

The Hoet Couture eyeglasses are modern and beautiful. Quality and comfort as always are the basic precepts. They are rust-proof and anti-allergic, light, yet durable and well-fitting and each available in 5 size combinations for nose and glasses.
A pair of eyeglasses, custom made and personalized with your own name engraved in the temple!

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klaverstraat 71 Bruges 8000 belgium