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Avenue de Broqueville 94 BRUXELLES 1200 Belgium Tel: +32 484.78.75.83 Website:

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Since 2007 she designed for several women’s wear fashion brands, launching her first label collection in 2016 in order to build a strong visual brand identity, dedicated to modern and individual femininity. Catalina J develops a refined construction of actual silhouette with elaborated crafted lines and sharp details inspired from Couture technique.

Dedicated to intelligent, active and stylish woman, dresses Catalina J are the image of a truly modern urban spirit. Her signature stems are empowered by the mix between geometric cuts and pure lines. The outstanding design places the studied grace of feminine body in the spotlight revealing a continuous search of proportion, fabric and color matching.

Headed in the creative process by inspirational themes in continue progress such as art, architecture and technology, the designer highlights a minimalist, yet polished profile with clean cut, soft and superfine adds up to a superior sartorial vision.

An important step in our brand development now is identifying and implementing innovative-sustainable solutions, choosing the right and responsible way of creating.


We are interested in bringing innovative solutions and sustainable approaches through our active research on how to develop, produce and deliver best and original designs for our customers at the same time minimizing impact on the planet.

Our new journey started in 2018 when we decided to use for our next collection organic certified cotton and next steps are to add other low impact and natural fabrics to our designs.

A new challenge that marks a new beginning for our brand strategy – a responsible consuming lifestyle that correctly integrates into our future creative process.


We source the purest and high quality fabrics directly from our certified suppliers which have already a well established reputation and tradition in producing it.

The organic cotton is certified with international Global Organic Standard GOTS and OEKO Tex standard for textile.

Also we use low impact fabrics which biodegrade faster and use less water to produce them: viscose, tencel and recycled fabrics.

Great things are happening in this space, with many more to come!


We aim to tell stories through our collections, building a strong identity of high quality, ethically made garments with a conscious concept and sustainable practices behind.

We love to create with respect for our customers and the environment. That’s why we decided to integrate the slow fashion process, and to implement ethic and sustainable opportunities for our production, made in EU.

We bring value and enhanced product experiences to our customer – next to creative signature design while using organic certified fabrics for our collections.


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Avenue de Broqueville 94 BRUXELLES 1200 Belgium