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Contact: Piet Swimberghe
Office Pathoekeweg 50 Brugge 8000 BE Mobile: +32 478 960143 Website:

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The wage confection company Autruche was established in 1991, taken over in 1996 by Gilbert Swimberghe and subsequently transferred to the current management, Piet Swimberghe and Jeroen Verhille in 2007.
In recent years, Autruche nv has grown into a reliable full-service company with the following values in mind: quality, price and respecting the correct delivery time.
For several years we have remained a regular partner of various top brands that appreciate both our flexibility, a no-nonsense mentality and young dynamics.


As a reliable and trustable partner we are specialized in developping ladies garments at high level quality. We are always open to discuss possible cooperations for special demands of production.Since the Covid-19 virus arrived in Belgium, we started producing high quality comfort masks. Only the finest fabrics and best finishings are allowed to give you the best comfort as we care about your safety.
As a lot of people are stitching them at home to help many amongst us, we decided to sell our stock fabrics online too.


  • Acquisition in 1996 and became a family company
    • Family Company based in Bruges
    • Production 100% in Poland
  • 1999 – 2001: Taking over
    • ‘ROMILUXE’ – bed and bath textiles for babies
    • ‘VERONICA MODE ATELIER’ (high fashion wage company)
      • Sampling & Finishing Plant Belgium
    • ‘PAS DE DEUX’ maternity brand
  • 2014 – 2016: End of our brands ‘Romiluxe’ and ‘Pas de Deux’
  • 2016: 100% Ladies Wear Wage Company
  • 2017: Plant in TUNISIA