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No Fish Day with Le Slibard

No Fish Day

The first challenge of this collection is the… NO FISH DAY! You probably tell yourself that you don’t eat that much fish. Well, our fish consumption per person has doubled in a few years, particularly in Europe. Add to that our population growth, you can quickly imagine the pressure put on our oceans.

There are three important consequences to this:

Every year more than 300,000 dolphins, whales and sharks are accidentally caught and killed in nets due to non-selective fishing. An example, 2/3 of the shark population has disappeared from our oceans in 50 years (source: National Geographic).
We deprive predators of their pantries.
We import fish from distant coasts, emptying the vital reserves of populations who have no other alternatives for food.
When you wake up and put on these No Fish Day boxers. You don’t eat fish that day and you’ll be playing your part in protecting our oceans by giving them a little respite. Every gesture counts.

So, if we don’t eat fish, we have a good steak? As long as you don’t wear No Meat Day and No Fish Day at the same time, why not! But the ultimate goal would obviously be to greatly reduce both. More and more solutions exist and are easily accessible and inexpensive. It will be our mission to communicate them to you.

Launch in 48h. Fasten your seatbelts.

Have a very pleasant day,

Gauthier & Guillaume

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