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With almost 200 years of heritage and innovation, Delvaux continues to reinterpret two of its most representative bags with new leatherworking techniques that illustrate la Maison’s commitment to its ever-expanding savoir-faire and legacy in motion.


Koto Bolofo
This collection comes to life in the aptly entitled ‘L’Oeil de Koto Bolofo’, an exhilarating series of portraits of extraordinary women by Koto Bolofo. The South African-born photographer known for his exceptionally powerful imagery presents three stunning talents: model, performer, and actress, Lily McMenamy; premiere danseuse of the Ballet de l’Opéra de Paris, Hannah O’Neill; and Nyasha Matonhodze, fashion model and activist.

“We are at a time when progress and modernity are really strong, and what Delvaux showed to me is that it could stand the test of time.” Koto Bolofo

The exceptional craftsmanship with the Leather D technique offers a unique treatment on two of Delvaux’s most exceptional designs with an ultimate precision, the Brillant and the Pin. This new ode to savoir-faire is created from water jet-cut leather panels to which a series of precious D-shaped pieces of leather have been sewn by hand, adding movement and fluidity to the bags’ silhouettes. A true masterpiece born from the advanced expertise of Delvaux’s ateliers, the Leather Mastery challenges the limits of how leather can feel, look, and breathe.


The immersion into la Maison’s savoir-faire continues with the Enlaced technique. Delvaux’s expert craftsman created a delicate length of leather ‘lace’ for each bag, wrapping it in a serpentine-like fashion around the signature D-shaped buckle of the Cool Box Mini, and the emblematic buckle and curved handle of the Brillant PM.