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Kolmenstraat 87 Stevoort 3512 Belgium Tel: +32 472 57 97 58 Website:

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Bridal Dresses

Having your wedding dress made to measure is a very special, unique and strong process to really come to a dress that fully accentuates your beauty.




Party Dresses

You can come to Ziza Couture for a beautiful piece unique that matches who you are. A perfect fit and the right cut offers so many possibilities for every body.




No ordinary sewing lessons, but learn to sew for yourself tailor-made. You can find the full curriculum at the bottom of this site.






If you would like to have something custom made, we will make an appointment. We discuss what you would feel good about and which direction the design may take.

Then we look at how many passes will be needed. Depending on the design, I test the dress first, which ensures a perfect fit and cut.

In order to be able to work uniquely for everyone, I don’t have a stock of fabrics, but together we look for the most suitable materials.

Do you have any questions or would you like a first idea of ​​the prices before you come by, send me a message or just give me a call.



Making people beautiful is my mission 😉

When I see someone, I immediately think in dresses, fabrics, colors. I don’t know myself differently, always looking for beauty in everyone and everything. Many thanks to my little golden fingers, that I can fulfill this job in this way.

For more than 10 years I have specialized in making and designing exclusive tailor-made clothing. I was educated with a master’s degree in fashion design, pattern drawing and haute couture embroidery.


“Customization is a process, an adventure. As a fashion designer, I listen and look, together we look for the right materials, fit and style. No ready-made dress code, but a unique piece that grows around you.

Customization has its price tag. But it has such beautiful and strong advantages: through customization, many more people can wear what they really dream of. Many pieces of clothing, whatever your figure, often don’t fit in ready-to-wear, even if you’d like to. Something that’s tailored is way more flattering anyway, whichever cut you prefer, simply because it fits. I often hear people say to me in the studio ‘I’ve dreamed of being long-dressed for so long, but I really didn’t think I had the figure for that’ or ‘I didn’t know that my figure looks so much better a proper cut’. Every body is so different and customization has so much to offer.

In the past years I have already drawn patterns and made and adapted designs for countless bodies. Accentuate what makes someone beautiful, envelop what feels vulnerable, look and listen. It has now become my specialization.

I don’t make collections, I like to work around a person. I mainly use the knowledge I gained with my master’s degree in fashion design to come up with original and unique designs that suit the customer, in addition to custom work.

A new vision on clothing, supportive in who we are, that’s what I’m going for.” lina


“We are all beautiful, just different”

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Kolmenstraat 87 Stevoort 3512 Belgium