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Office Fletersdel 52 Genk 3600 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)474 08 50 18 Website:

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We are young entrepreneurs, willing to deliver high levels of quality. We are creative minds that stand for playful professionalism. We believe that independence drives personal and professional growth.

Our mission is to empower young and ambitious people through means of design. We aim to provide those who are ready to take big steps in life, got the perfect shoes to do so.

It all started with Dieter, who spend his young life working hard to pile up his savings in order to achieve his dream and become an entrepreneur. One of the reasons for becoming an entrepreneur was his desire for independence. As a risktaker and creative mind, he felt that he was never going to be satisfied with his nine-to-five job. Now our first design sneaker has launched and not only is he paving the way of his own independence, he wants to create opportunities for other young and ambitious minds.

By proving design fashion and creating opportunities for young and ambitious minds, we strive towards a world where working independent is the norm. We believe that working for yourself where hard work really pays of is a life worth living and that everyone must be able to have this opportunity.

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Fletersdel 52 Genk 3600 Belgium