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Xandres has enabled women to shine in elegant simplicity for more than 50 years. Effortlessly chic but refined, timeless but refreshing, designed with sophisticated details and an iconic quality: Belgian, sustainable fashion to cherish.

Fashion is a form of self-expression, an extension of our emotions. Every design that carries our label is made to convey a sense of self, perfect for everyday activities and important occasions.

We are a brand with a strong belief in sustainable pieces that eventually become wardrobe favourites. Elegant fashion we love to live in, tailored to ambitious, inspiring women of character.

Xandres celebrates femininity. Diversity is our beauty ideal, which is why our collections range from size 34 to 56, so every woman can count on the perfect fit, fabric and design.

Make every moment your own.


To us, femininity extends beyond clothing, beyond collections. It’s about identity, it doesn’t fit into a box. Diversity makes us stronger, and that is reflected through an authentic story in which every body, every size, every mindset is beautiful. A story in which we rebel against beauty ideals and support every woman’s self-confidence and personality.

That’s why you’ll find our clothing in every size, from 34 to 56, every item designed with the same attention to detail. By making small adjustments here and there in the designs, we can guarantee the perfect fit for every figure and let it come into its own beautifully. This tailored approach ensures that no one is limited by a lack of choice, that no one has to feel excluded. Because we are all Xandres.


Xandres is investing in a better future, where quality and sustainability go hand in hand. We are developing a plan to make our entire production process as sustainable as possible, from yarn and fabrics to the garment in your wardrobe, and long after.

The Xandres Lab was founded to innovate and experiment. On the one hand, we draw up strategies for recycling our clothing and look for the right partners to complete the cycle. We gave new life to unsold items and materials from previous seasons in limited-edition capsule collections.

On the other hand, the Xandres Lab runs recurring projects in which we join forces with sustainable designers or brands. We give pioneers a platform and learn from them. This is how we move forward together, it’s a win-win situation.



50 years of know-how, experience and passion translate into our timeless, strong designs. A story that started with ’the perfect trousers’ and boutique clothing under the Andres name, when a new generation breathed life into the family business in 1968. Andres bridged the revolutionary gap between commercial brands and haute couture, thereby supporting women’s self-confidence and personality.
Luxurious but accessible clothing, complementing fashion trends with timeless beauty, imbued with authenticity and quality. That essence has remained unchanged.

In the nineties, Andres was transformed into Xandres, the iconic brand we are today. A long tradition inspired by femininity followed, and the first Xandres stores opened their doors in Belgium and the Netherlands. Xandres has since grown into an internationally respected fashion house and is still evolving. Proud of our roots!

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Nijverheidsstraat 20 Destelbergen 9070 Belgium