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About Van Laere International
Van Laere International is a family business that has guaranteed first-class service and quality in casual, work and promotional wear for 34 years. Thanks to many years’ experience in the field and a constant search for improvement VLI has achieved top position in its sector. We are a business with a wealth of experience and an open mind, and that allows us to keep on being innovative. Whether work-wear for professionals, a new outfit for a weekend adventure or a complete collection to showcase a business, it can be found in one of our collections.
We stock a large range of items and are able to deliver at short notice.

In addition, VLI as manufacturer also specializes in the development and production of technical outdoor clothing, sports outfits, corporate image clothing and all kinds of accessories, specially customized for the customer. For anything made of textile you can rest assured that you will find the solution at VLI! We manufacture numerous special products for well-known brands, organizations, government services, hotels and businesses.

VLI has been playing a pioneering role in its field since 1976, and besides unequalled expertise has also acquired extensive knowledge of the market. We are represented throughout Europe due to an extensive distributor and dealer network, and are therefore in a position to deliver the required products via our partners to the right address everywhere. At present we are active as manufacturer mainly in the Benelux, Germany and France, but our brands are also on the rise in the rest of Europe.

In cooperation with our partners we are striving for the ideal solution to meet the requirements and demands of a specific business. This leads to an optimal win-win situation that does not only ensure commercial follow-up but also the necessary technical expertise.

VLI’s success is brought about by our ideology: the customer always comes first. Their wishes and demands define the basic principle for every new product and every adaptation carried out by us. That way our articles and our service always stay more efficient and simpler than in the case of many other manufacturers. Our diversity of activities in the different sectors allows us to combine all our know-how and apply it to a new methodology.

Our technical expertise is constantly developed further by the researchers in our laboratories and the test teams that subject our clothing to the most demanding tests. Their motivation and experience enable us to continually test and overcome the boundaries when designing new products. With us everything centres on repeatedly providing our customer with a solution that exceeds all his expectations.

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ZWAARVELD 48 HAMME 9220 Belgium