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When you’ve tricked yourself out in a tennis class on a heavy scheduled day, you’ll need a good looking outfit to finish the day in. Hit the court with Vieux Jeu, the modernist sportswear label by Belgian designer Claudia Storme, whose polished yet effortless collection might be just what you’re looking for.

The trend is a classic: we all have a busy schedule but we don’t want to give up our sports class. ‘If you want to make it happen, it’s wise to prioritize style over function’, dixit Claudia Storme.

Discover the boho allure of Vieux Jeu, the Belgian label that captures the mood of a bygone era. Claudia Storme gets inspiration from one of the oldest games. Yet looking to the past doesn’t always suggest a yearning for what’s lost; rather, a desire to reinvent and redeem.

The go-to label for beautiful yet functional tennis clothing and accessories with that easy-to-wear je ne sais quoi, Vieux Jeu celebrates the glamour of a lost era, giving classical shapes a modern spin.