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Leon Bekaertstraat 14 Ingelmunster 8770 BelgiumOffice Room 1809, HuiDe Mansion 102 Hao Xian Road Yue Xiu District Guangzhou 510030 ChinaOffice Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay Lantau Island, Hongkong Office 120 Gibraltar rd ste 111 Horsham PA 19044 USA Tel: +32 (0)51 61 02 70 Tel: +86 20 83634269 Tel: +852 2914 0111 Tel: +1 (603) 608-8641 Website:

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Leading expert in coating and lamination

Vetex is the leading Belgian expert in coating and laminating textiles for various industries (garment industry, medical, automotive, military…) . The combination of a customer-oriented approach and various advanced technical applications enables us to offer our customers innovative solutions. We can offer protection against water, fire, chemicals, blood, bacteria & viruses.

Our Research and Development department, as well as our Technical Support, is – and always has been – key to our company’s performance, growth and customer satisfaction. Because each and every day – now for over more than a century – we continue to learn. This accumulated knowledge enables us to continually refine the quality and durability of our products, and to incessantly raise our customer service to a higher level.


  • Innovation in terms of product
    In line with the leadership every company strives for in its own industry, we as well explicitly commit to meeting the highest demands of our customers and stakeholders, by providing high quality materials that can reflect a company’s image, in accordance to the highest legal requirements. Vetex distinguishes itself on a global level through the use of technical polymers, its drive for added-value and its customer-focused organization.
  • Innovation in terms of processes
    At Vetex, we prioritize sustainability. That is why we are strongly committed to Closed Loop Manufacturing, a concept whereby the solvent emissions released during the coating process is being captured and then (by our so-called Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) converted into heat, either for the ovens or for the plant itself. In addition, we strive to generate as much energy as possible ourselves by means of our on-site solar park of 15.000 m2. (3.7 acres)
  • Innovation in terms of service
    At Vetex we go the extra mile when it comes to providing service. Apart from the markets that we are already serving today, or the applications where you can find all our products, we are also open to partnerships. Do you have a question, idea or application for which you would like a sealing solution? Get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to take up the challenge!
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Leon Bekaertstraat 14 Ingelmunster 8770 Belgium

Room 1809, HuiDe Mansion 102 Hao Xian Road Yue Xiu District Guangzhou 510030 China

Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay Lantau Island, Hongkong

120 Gibraltar rd ste 111 Horsham PA 19044 USA