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Vest, by Veerle

VEST: on the cusp between creativity and traditional craftsmanship

Slow fashion is gradually gaining more ground and is now firmly embedded in the concept of sustainable thinking. VEST, the Belgian knitwear label by Veerle Stubbe, is a prime example of what happens when sustainability and creativity converge. Her hand-knitted sweaters, cardigans and accessories are statement pieces to enjoy for many seasons on end. VEST brings the concept of luxury back to the essentials.

The clicking of knitting needles is one of the earliest memories that Veerle cherishes of her mother and grandmother. A sound that always filled her with a sense of tranquillity, it still makes her feel very ‘zen’ despite the immense list of orders. VEST has fans all over the globe, from Belgium to Japan. The Belgian knitwear label owes its success to a combination of authentic hand-crafted products, executed in the right colours with deluxe yarns and featuring easy-going models that tie in perfectly with today’s Zeitgeist.

For VESTimentary seekers of added value

Veerle Stubbe, mother of two young men, discovered her calling in fashion only at a later age. Or not entirely: drawn to creative professions early on in life, she decided to bring her own artisanal knitwear collection to the market three years ago: VEST.

She sought and found the most beautiful yarns in Italy, including a soft blend of mohair and silk, and set to work independently. Her sweaters, cardigans, shawls and beanies quickly gained in popularity and she soon needed several additional pairs of hands. A sweater or cardigan requires eight hours of manual labour, after all! Thanks to a team of knitters she is now able to keep up with the demand.

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HOF TER EKEN 1 LAARNE 9270 Belgium