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Office Eksterlaar 25 Deurne 2100 Belgium Tel: +32 3 321 21 05

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VH N.V, a textile manufacturer founded in 1920, has been known for its quality and flexibility. Our goal and challenge is to keep our customers satisfied and to translate their wishes into high-grade professional garments. By using modern technologies and the highest quality materials, a constant quality is always guaranteed. Our Tunisian plants are managed from our offices in Belgium. A close cooperation with Tunisia and weekly transports ensure a smoothly running production process resulting in deliveries within the agreed timeframe. Our sales team remains available to discuss your plans and tendencies in the market in order to convert your ideas in tailor-made developments. At your request, we create high quality image garments. For personalizing your garments, we are your right partner, taking care of your logos (embroideries, transfer, prints, etc.).

Quality and service are our main assets and as such play a vital part in ensuring today’s success.

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Eksterlaar 25 Deurne 2100 Belgium