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For more than 30 years now, Van Herck bvba has been a textiles partner for the general facilities and nursing services of healthcare institutions and wholesalers throughout the Benelux.

Van Herck stands for commitment, collaborative problem-solving, quality and reliability.

Professional workwear

We can clothe the entire staff of a healthcare institution: specially adapted outfits for reception, nursing, maintenance and kitchen staff. No more stiff white or blue uniforms, but workwear also designed in stylish and refreshing colours as well as casual wear.

Nursing aids

Is ageing a problem for the government? We respond to the special needs of patients and tailor our products to fit the behaviour, build and size of residents.

For example, we provide rip-resistant bedclothes and clothing for psychiatric facilities or for people with disabilities.

Also part of this range are our specially adapted textiles, which are comfortable for residents and a useful tool for the nursing staff, e.g. bodysuits, sleeping bags, sleepwear, nursing blankets, bed rail protection pads, etc.

Flame-retardant bed linen

The Van Herck bvba assortment also includes Anne-Lore® flame-retardant bedclothes, such as fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvets without covers. Everything is washable at high temperatures and made of permanent flame-retardant, anti-allergic, shrink-proof and non-iron fabrics. Durable and easy-to-wash,… An absolute must!

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Gasthuisstraat 46 GEEL 2440 Belgium