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Valérie Berckmans

Rue Van Arteveldestraat, 8 Brussels 1000 Belgium Tel: + 32 2 502 94 00 Website:

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In her boutique-atelier at rue Van Artevelde, Brussels, Valérie Berckmans designs a women’s ready-to-wear line since 2006. Under her eponymous brand, she creates a collection in a graphic and minimalist style, evoking an airy femininity often brightened up with particular details.

Each piece that leaves her workshop is meticulously crafted with fair trade, organic or alternative raw materials (deadstock of fabrics, upcycled vintage pieces).

She is having her collection produced exclusively in Belgian and French workshops to maintain the local know-how and reduce the ecological footprint of her project.

Since April 2021, she works in duo with the fashion designer Théo Auquière on the design of the collection.

In the “boutique-atelier”, nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed into ethical & ecological creations!

From this philosophy was born their zero-waste project. The fabric leftovers from the women’s production are offering new stylistic, practical and circular perspectives, translating into a children collection, ladies underwear & cotton pads, among others.

Valérie Berckmans also sells in the shop creations of other Belgian designers who share the same sustainable philosophy : Atelier Content (shoes), Géraldine Bertrand (knitwear), Aymara (knitwear), O’Leary (leather accessories).

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Rue Van Arteveldestraat, 8 Brussels 1000 Belgium