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 Belgian designer Toos Franken started her career in fashion at the renowned Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Toos Franken has been pushing for a more transparent and inclusive fashion industry for years. Her critical attitude towards the industry translates among other things into her choice for exclusively producing in Belgium. Furthermore Toos Franken obtains a unique position in the world of fashion by creating and drawing the patterns for each and every design herself. A grand craftsmanship by which Toos Franken makes an exceptional contribution to a women’s wardrobe.

You can’t help but get drawn into designer Toos Franken’s thought process when you meet her. Speaking quietly but decidedly flashing a quick smile between sentences she bounces ideas back and forth, allowing you to track the creative process churning synchronously alongside her focus on business realism.

Starting out where most of Belgium’s cream of the crop matured, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Fashion Department, Toos Franken navigated dropping out early (having a baby will change the course of your life quite considerably), starting afresh sewing in the ateliers of our greats Haider Ackermann and Ann Demeulemeester. This lead to her taking on a new course to become a pattern designer and raising a second kid while branching out as an independent designer.
After a major switchup to aseasonal collections she opened her own flagship store in the nucleus of Belgian fashion: the spot across from MoMu fashion museum in Antwerp’s Nationalestraat. KNOTORYUS

Toos Franken (1989) was born and raised on country grounds in Antwerp, Belgium. Founder of namesake label Toos Franken, established in 2014. Member of the Cronos group since 2017.

From now on, you will take this moment to be your brave self; to be true to yourself, in good times and bad; in sickness and health; you will never accept another’s standard for success as you get yours one measure higher; you will love yourself and honour your beliefs for every day of your life.
When you’re finished, no one will ever look at us the same way again.

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Steegstraat 18 Balen 2490 Belgium