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Design collections together

At Tonickx, we create our own collection to inspire your stylists and buyers with the latest trends and commercial styles. Our collection consist of light garments like blouses, tops, skirts and dresses, as well as structured items like blazers, trousers and jackets.

We also source various fabric qualities, seasonal colors and matching prints. Together with your team we co-create short term collections of commercial styles matching your target consumer.





Fashion in record speed

The fashion and retail market is characterized by rapid changes in fashion trends and market needs. Reacting fast to those changes allows you to have the right products in store and at the same time decrease your stock levels.

We help you achieve this due to our vertical integration with our own garment factories in Romania and Tunisia (BSCI approved). Together with our investment in 3D technology we shorten the time between the initial idea and delivery in your warehouse.

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Evolis 11 Kortrijk 8500 Belgium