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Zwaarveld 33 (zone blauw) Hamme 9220 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)52 49 93 93 Fax: +32 (0)52 49 93 90 Website:

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Narrow Fabrics. You’ve come to the right place.

Tiscotex weaves narrow fabrics for specialized niche markets and large international customers. The webbing goes directly to our customers or is processed into an end product in our Belgian Tiscotex Atelier.


Tiscotex Weaving mill: experience counts
Tiscotex is a specialist in weaving narrow fabrics between 10 and 330 mm wide. Both natural yarns (flax, cotton, jute) and synthetic fibers (polyester, polypropylene, etc.) are woven into top quality webbing.

Tiscotex Weaving mill: experience counts

Tiscotex Atelier: ready-to-wear at its best

Tiscotex Atelier processes narrow fabrics into end products such as lashing straps, lifting straps and textile car parts. A Belgian clothing department means quality, flexible production and fast delivery.

Tiscotex Atelier: ready-to-wear at its best




Add all the experience of our people together and you arrive at a lot of kilometers on the ready-to-wear counter. We can safely say that we have a unique place in Europe in the field of weaving and making up of Narrow fabrics.
Tiscotex has built up a loyal customer portfolio in demanding sectors such as automotive and transport. But Tiscotex is also happy to listen to your questions when it comes to interior and design.

A healthy network. For everyone’s benefit.
Tiscotex has a strong network of certified partners, each with their own specialty and field. The mutual exchange of Best Practices translates into more efficient production and extra service for the customer.

In addition to the products that Tiscotex manufactures itself, the company also has a very extensive stock range of parts and standard products. Suppliers are rigorously selected on the basis of quality, durability and price.

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Zwaarveld 33 (zone blauw) Hamme 9220 Belgium