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Vieux Chemin 50 Bruxelles 1180 Belgium Tel: +32 492 93 79 97 Website:

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Fashionable in a nutshell

Why not stand out with a glam rock look, based on zippered modukes.

Consuming better to consume less, quality rather than quantity. A dress that bends to all your desires, which vary according to the time of day, the season, the weather, the occasions, the unexpected,…

16 dresses, in one dress. 2 dresses, that’s no less than 256 possible customizations. 3 dresses, it’s 4,096 possible combinations with another color or another material that we modulate, often vinyl or imitation leather materials.

In addition, design and fashion 100% made in Belgium.

A line of jewelry and accessories finished with zippers completes the range, with the use of fish leather, another way to become sustainable.

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Vieux Chemin 50 Bruxelles 1180 Belgium