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Passion and quirkiness

Passionate about fashion, fabrics and developing patterns, Tine writes her life story with needle and thread.

Tine studied Fashion & Textile in Ghent and specialized in pattern drawing. After her studies, she started working for renowned designers and worked for major Belgian fashion houses.

Among other things, she was responsible for Kaat Tilley’s foreign clients. “I flew to Los Angeles where I, together with Kate, made the evening dresses of stars like Melanie Griffith for the Golden Globes”. In addition, Tine invariably works with Jean Paul Knott, someone she can call a friend in addition to being a colleague.

Tine has been making wedding dresses for over 20 years: “As long as I can remember, I have had an unconditional love for bridal wear. Being a part of a love story and making someone’s dream day come true is very special. Bridal attire always appeals to the imagination. Only the most beautiful materials are good enough.”

Every wedding dress is unique and contains a piece of Tine’s quirkiness. “When all the individual elements – from the pattern, to the cut, the smallest details and the personal touch of the bride – come together, a dress really becomes special.”

“Seeing a dress come to life little by little
coming is one of my favorite things.”

Unique and personal

“With my concept I bring a collection of several silhouettes. Those pieces form a foundation for both the bride and me. The bride-to-be always has an idea of ​​the model, the cut and the choice of fabric, but the greatest source of inspiration remains the bride herself. Her body shape, wishes and needs remain the most important elements for a perfect wedding dress.”

From the first acquaintance, measuring, patterns, fabric choice to cutting, stitching, fitting and the very last finishing touch, Tine goes through the process from start to finish. And she always does this with the bride in mind: “Only in this way can the bridal outfit be the perfect reflection of the bride, her character, her figure, movements and so on.”.

In addition to bridal couture, ladies can also contact Tine for tailor-made evening wear and timeless basics. Her professional style advice and eye for detail ensure that every outfit tells a personal story.

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Berkenlaan 20 Hasselt 3500 Belgium