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Thomas Bradley

Office Wassenhovestraat 1 Zottegem 9620 Belgium Mobile: +32 497 86 41 31 Tel: +32 9 360 01 72 Website:

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the history of Thomas Bradley

SINCE 1955
The history of thomas bradley dates back to 1955 when the founder of the company started a small workshop for shirts in belgium. Since the start of the production quality has always been the driving force of the brand. Making a shirt that offers the highest satisfaction level to the customer is settled deep in the dna of the company. For that reason we have become belgium’s premium shirt brand.

The best available fabrics

For that reason thomas bradley only uses the best available fabrics on the market. Our design team sources the finest fabrics from the most renown italian weaver such as tessitura monti, cotonificio albini, canclini tessile.

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Wassenhovestraat 1 Zottegem 9620 Belgium