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Terre Bleue philosophy

Terre Bleue is a stylish, Belgian casual chic collection that makes women, men and kids feel good and that gives them confidence and trust in life. Modern clothing that looks and feels natural. Since 2002 Terre Bleue is linked to young, active and dynamic women that are fashionable and strive for balance, authenticity and joy of life. Men have found their way to Terre Bleue as well. Our mens collection offers a pleasing mix from stylish and adventurous, from classic to tough. It is the ultimate brand for the fashionable epicure.
Children also love Terre Bleue. The sparkling colors and nice models correspond precisely with their world, and thanks to the excellent quality they can carefree play and enjoy.Our collections are easy to combine within the different themes and with the rest of your wardrobe. You can wear Terre Bleue to any place and occasion. At work, on holiday or even to festive events; every moment is a Terre Bleue moment. Small or tall. Man or woman. With Terre Bleue you are exactly who you are. Welcome to the world of Terre Bleue!

Terre Bleue history

The Belgian label Terre Bleue was established in 2002 and is part of the company Duror/Two Faces, a flourishing family company runned by Dirk Perquy who represents the third generation. Recently his son Peter joined the company so that the tradition is assured. The roots of Terre Bleue go back to 1938. Maurice Perqui, his wife and his brother Jozef established the Perquy-Braet company. It was a wholesale in textile products; especially caps, scarves and stockings. A strong brand demands its own boutique that reflects the total image of the collection. That’s why Terre Bleue opened its first concept store in Ghent in 2004. More boutiques would follow soon. The former kids collection CF Company, that was the inspiration for the Terre Bleue womens collection, was renamed Terre Bleue in 2008.
Since the summer of 2009 the Terre Bleue universe expanded with its own men’s collection. Since then Terre Bleue has become a real family brand.The number of boutiques is growing and the gamma is always enlarging. To establish a total look, Terre Bleue launched a women and kids shoe collection in 2010 that is intensively connected with the clothing collection. With the Spring collection of 2012, the boutique in Knokke was the first to be transformed into a new shopping concept. Shortly after that, the 12th Terre Bleue boutique opened its doors in Nieuwpoort; a family store that is designed according to the new concept.In the same year the brand also celebrated its 10th birthday! Grow continues in 2013.

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‘s Gravendreef 24 Nazareth 9810 Belgium