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Mechanical Engineering
Waregemstraat 620 Deerlijk 8540 Belgium Tel: +32 56 71 88 71 Fax: +32 56 72 87 06 Website:

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Tanghe Machinebouw s.a. is a company with over 20 years of experience in machine construction. Skill and perfection are the cornerstones of our activity. Perfectly skilled personnel and state of the art machinery are the main assets of our action.

Our know-how is you guarantee for a customized product and service

You speak in terms of automotion, prototypes? No problem! Just keep in mind that all our products are perfectly cut to size. To your size.

There is even more. We have worldwide ambitions. But that cannot be much of a problem when we produce all our master cards…

Textile Machines

We produce machines used in the production of woven carpets starting from longitudinal cutting, over folding, longitudinal overedging, transversal cutting and transversal fringing, edging, glueing,… We also produce conveyors and inspection tables, that are used in the whole chain. At the end of the production, our machines can fully automatically roll and pack the carpets. All machines are completely build along your needs.

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Waregemstraat 620 Deerlijk 8540 Belgium