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Take Shape Studio

Contact: William Togni Marjorie Vandriessche
Office Avenue Louis Lepoutre, 74 Brussels 1050 Brussels Mobile: +32 487 384 702 Mobile: +32 0 478 97 46 61 Website:

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Take Shape studio has been launched in 2014. There are two of us in the team.

William Togni is a Graphic Designer, he has worked for several graphic studio’s and in the advertising field. He is specialized in branding and art direction.

Marjorie Vandriessche is an Art Historian, she is specialized in coordinating and producing events. She also writes a lot, for Dklikk magazine, her blog and on social medias. She’s in charge of the account managing of the studio.

We love sincere design with pure forms and clear messages. Together we build visual identities from print to screen, for small and medium companies with a special care on consistency, logic, details, typography and colors.

We are willing to share ideas and having a good communication with our clients.

The studio is based in Brussels, feel free to say hi!

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Avenue Louis Lepoutre, 74 Brussels 1050 Brussels