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Greta Bogaerts started ’t Stoffenhoekske in 1985 at the Merksemsebaan 115 in Wijnegem. Now, more than 30 years later, this fabric shop is an established name in Antwerp.

After a technical training ‘Snit & Naad’ at the Sancta-Maria Institute in Deurne, Greta wanted to be able to experience her passion the way she wanted. This enthusiasm became a motivation to start her own business. On September 1, 1985, ’t Stoffenhoekske was born.

Several years after the start, the supply and the number of customers exceeded the capacity of the building. In 1990, ’t Stoffenhoekske moved from Merksemsebaan to its current location on Turnhoutsebaan. But again the corner burst at the seams after a few years. When the adjacent building was put up for sale, a great opportunity presented itself to further expand the store in order to offer customers a clearer overview. Ten years after this second expansion, the next adjacent building was also purchased, which was furnished as an additional studio space and training room.

At the same time, the services offered also expanded. ‘ t Stoffenhoekske started in 1985 with the sale of fashion fabrics and sewing supplies. Customers also got all the sewing advice they wanted. After the move, Greta started with the first sewing courses, in her own living room and on a much smaller scale and less frequent than today.

Customers increasingly asked for curtains and drapes. After additional courses, Greta started making quality custom curtains. The high-quality fabrics in the range and the perfect finish ensured satisfied customers and new customers. Greta’s daughters Saartje and Lientje, who both followed an intensive course in window decoration, have been working in the business for several years now. This collection of hands and expertise makes it possible to accept and complete larger assignments as well. For example, ’t Stoffenhoekske is now increasingly making curtains for schools, retirement homes, companies, etc. all over the country.

In the early years, ’t Stoffenhoekske also moved. Greta went to annual fairs with fashion fabrics and attended the annual Easter market on the Turnhoutsebaan in Wijnegem. There was also a fashion show in which every piece of clothing was made by hand. The fashion show is now history, but ’t Stoffenhoekske is still represented every year on the Easter market.

’t Stoffenhoekske has come a long way since the first stitch in 1985. Today you will not only find a wide range of unique fashion fabrics and merchandise, but you can also find tailor-made carpets and curtains with free measurement and installation. The repair service continues to deliver on time and neatly. And the intricacies of the trade are explained at the regular and pleasant sewing courses.

’t Stoffenhoekske is far from finished.


Who are we?

Greta Bogaerts

(Founder and business manager)

Started with the shop in 1985. She manages the business, does the bookkeeping, guides the employees and helps where necessary, eg with measuring and placing curtains. Greta also supervises the sewing courses for adults.

Saartje Danckers

(In permanent employment since 2014)
Specialized in sales, customization, and retouching. Saartje completed a six-year course and a specialization year in Fashion, which gave her extensive knowledge and skills in fashion fabrics and customization. She also supervises the sewing courses for children.

Lientje Danckers

(In permanent employment since 2016)
Specialized in curtains, drapes, pull-up systems, panels and electrical controls for curtains in all shapes and sizes. Lientje followed a three-year course to become an expert in everything related to custom curtains.

Peggy Van Sandt

(On an independent basis since 2006)
Peggy entered ’t Stoffenhoekske for the first time as a participant in our sewing courses. Today she works freelance specializing in machine embroidery and retouching.

Greta and daughters Saartje and Lientje regularly attend training courses to update contemporary knowledge and to keep abreast of the latest materials, techniques and instruments.

Opening hours

Tuesday up to and including Friday: 9.30am to 12.30pm & 1.30pm to 6pm

Saturday: 9.30 am to 4 pm

Closed Sunday and Monday

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Turnhoutsebaan 253-257 Wijnegem 2110 ² Belgium