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Contact: Gloria Kourkouliotis Mandy Kourkouliotis
Diesterstraat 5 Hasselt 3500 Belgium Tel: +32488311741 Website:

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SUITSHERWELL was founded by Gloria and Mandy Kourkouliotis, two sisters from Genk with Greek roots on their father’s side. Gloria is a political scientist with a heart for sustainability and ethical business. Mandy is a journalist and communication scientist by training. She writes for several lifestyle and interior design magazines. Together they form a strong ping pong team. Their youngest sister Xenia is still studying, but behind the screen of her smartphone she helps to map out the social media story. Her official introduction will follow soon.

Their minimalist tailor-made suit label combines quality with affordability and inclusiveness in the broadest sense of the word. They not only want to be a fashion label, but also a community that stands for openness, equality and female empowerment. With great respect for the female body in all its variants. From very slim to beautiful, round shapes. They’ve got you covered!

The own designs are sustainably and ethically produced in Portugal. The European country par excellence in terms of start-ups and a progressive fashion industry. They avoid the not so transparent Silk Road and work with local partners as much as possible. For their packaging, a collaboration was established with Ropak from Genk and their beautiful images were taken by the talented photographer Shari Ruzzi. They found the right partner (De Gouden Draad in Hasselt) for customizing the suits through the AZO project. A European initiative that guides recognized refugees to entrepreneurship.

Buying a SUITSHERWELL tailor-made suit is not only a wardrobe investment, but also the realization of a dream. Supporting young, female and Belgian entrepreneurship.

SUITSHERWELL, empowerment suits you well.

– Gloria & Mandy

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Diesterstraat 5 Hasselt 3500 Belgium