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Are you looking for an experienced tailor? Emin has had his sewing workshop for more than 20 years now. In the beginning, the focus was mainly on retouching for renowned boutiques in and outside Antwerp, and tailor-made clothing.

The tailor Emin Aliyev designs – together with you – your tailor-made clothing. He guides you – step by step – in choosing the fabric, the cut, the lining, the buttons, and other finishes …

Need an experienced tailor?
SuitSolutions has its own workshop for customization, repairs and retouching of all kinds of clothing

Our tailoring services

Have clothing made to measure (retouches)
In recent years, there has also been an increasing demand for a tailor with an eye for the right fit – whether it is to update existing garments or to have newly purchased designer clothes perfectly adapted (retouches) – or to tailor clothing.

Full Tailored Clothing
SuitSolutions also offers the contemporary stylish man tailor-made solutions at very competitive prices. The suits, vests and overcoats are made according to traditional craft methods with sustainable quality fabrics such as vital Barberis, Ariston, Holland & Sherry, Scabal, etc…

Clothing repairs
We all know it, your most beautiful jacket, pants or skirt has a tear, the zipper is broken. It would be a shame to just throw away your expensive clothes and let alone favorite clothes while you can still wear them. That is why we also repair your garments so that you can wear them for a few more years!

How does a tailor work?

Step 1: Make an appointment
To ensure that we can take your measurements in peace, we recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Together with you we look at an ideal moment during or after office hours when it suits you!

Step 2: Take measurements
A perfect fit is crucial for tailoring. The tailor will take your measurements, so he can determine the perfect fit of your garment.

Step 3: Choice of fabrics & accessories
After measuring your measurements, we will discuss the possible fabrics, the color of the lining and all the options with you. The tailor will give you professional advice on all possible finishes.

Step 4: Delivery of Creation
Depending on the complexity, your tailor-made suit, jacket, shirt, trousers or other multi-piece creation will be ready after a few weeks. The tailor checks with you whether everything feels comfortable.

Real craft: more than just designing tailor-made clothing

The profession of a tailor mainly consists of making tailor-made clothes. The craft is thousands of years old and dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. This concerns different types of clothing such as trousers, skirts, jackets, shirts, jackets, but also suits.

A good tailor not only makes new clothes, but also repairs or adjusts clothes according to body measurements. For example, it is about repairing a zipper or taking a pair of pants or vest. That is why we also speak of a tailor, tailor or costume designer!

All the qualities of a good tailor

Is a perfectionist – he works very precisely to offer the customer a garment that fits exactly and is beautifully finished
Is accurate – not only by delivering work that is in line with customer expectations but also the finishing of the creation
Punctual – this by having the garments ready on time on an agreed date so that you can wear it for the occasion
Energetic, customer-oriented, creative – are of course also important qualities or competencies of a good tailor.

Experienced tailor with own studio in Belgium

Are you looking for an experienced tailor in Belgium? SuitSolutions has its tailor shop in the center of Antwerp. Our customers come from East Flanders, West Flanders, Brussels, Flemish Brabant and also the Netherlands for our expertise in tailor-made clothing.

Make an appointment or visit our clothing store where we will be happy to show you the various options for both women’s and men’s clothing, retouches, repairs.


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Frankrijklei 76 Bus 1 Antwerpen 2000 Belgium