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Style and concept Contact: Rita Roland
Neerhofstraat 16 Belgium Zottegem 17 9620 België Sales: 0494121782

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Being a Nigerian born Belgian living in Belgium for the past 12 years, I’m a well-known international model and a fashion blogger. My blog is all about extravagant fashion that stands out, leaving enough room for creative ideas and DIY (do it yourself) tips. It is all about walking into a room and captivating everyone’s stare and exclamations of « Wow, who is that girl! ». My blog can be consulted at I am a woman whose passion for fashion knows no limits, a passion that has turned me into a fearless and unapologetic lover of fashion. It is difficult to find such women these days because of the stereotypes imposed by today’s society. When a woman dresses feminine, she is not taken seriously or considered as « air head ». As a woman I feel you don’t have to dress in oversized men’s suit to be taken seriously, this is why my blog celebrates the art of being feminine and serves as an inspiration for women to dress sexy and feel gorgeous without fear. To be feminine is not to work against men, but to work in partnership with them.

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Neerhofstraat 16 Zottegem 17 9620 België