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STONES and BONES is a high-quality children luxury brand founded in 1994 by a 5th generation shoe-family. The reason we came to be, is because we noticed that brands for adults offered plenty of ‘fashionable’ items and a huge variety to choose from. While kids-shoes were bland, fragile and boring even, mostly only available in black, brown and blue colours.

So we set on a mission to be one of the first, if not THE first, kids only brand to bring freshness and more original designs to children’s footwear.

With our iconic BONE as the logo and our recognizable, protective Rocky sole, we created the real STONES and BONES look and feel.

Our slogan “Solid as a rock!” can therefore be taken quite literally as it stands for solid quality and protection.

Design Lab Italia

Our shoes are entirely developed, designed and partially produced at our own facility in Italy, called DESIGN LAB ITALIA, located in the Marche.

Here an expert team of designers and technicians use their creativity and knowhow to create the best STONES and BONES shoes. Therefore we call ourselves rightly so and with pride an ‘Italo-Belgian’ brand.

Clothing and Backpacks

On top of shoes we later added an entire range of backpacks and clothing resulting in a fully fletched luxury kids brand able to dress your child from top to bottom and for almost any occasion.

Our vision and promise

During our entire existence, we have always strived to make excellent products with no compromises on quality. We put your child’s health and wellbeing above all so they can go out and explore the world confidently with STONES and BONES.

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Stationsstraat 122 Aalter 9880 Belgium