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Since 1932
We are specialized in uptwisting, twisting, assembling, thermofixation, winding and making up fine and medium size synthetic and artificial filament yarns. We can sell or process on request.


We are a wholesale company.
We work with viscose, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene yarns and with metalloplastic and metal wire (stainless steel).


Most of our yarns are made on request and are delivered exclusively.
Primary yarns come from our stock or can be delivered by the customer. We process as desired.

Yarn wholesale

Soieries Elite is a Belgian supplier of all kinds of sewing and embroidery threads, which can be used extensively as haberdashery when carrying out a hobby or profession. Soieries Elite produces, processes, improves and refines yarns. As a processor and wholesaler, we focus primarily on yarns based on twisted filament yarns, thin but certainly sufficiently strong to obtain a good result. As a wholesaler, Soieries Elite is especially known for its metalloplastic yarns, which are available in a large number of types and a wide range of colors, and of course also in different shades of gold and silver.

Online yarn wholesale

Our circular knitting bands are a new haberdashery. These are available in different widths and different materials. The range of these haberdashery goes from a uni PES color to a haberdashery in color with a shiny metalloplastic strap to give it a more festive hue. Our 100% PES sewing threads are often used as haberdashery. We offer these in different thicknesses and strengths. The majority is based on a high-quality PES wire, which we give the necessary treatments to further strengthen it and twist it together in several ends to obtain the required thickness and strength.
Soieries Elite – Yarn Supplier
To give clothing an extra decoration embroidery thread is commonly used in the hobby world. We offer different types of embroidery threads, depending on the use. As embroidery thread for manual use, we have combined a PA-based type with our well-known metalloplastic to achieve a beautiful end result. For machine embroidery, we offer a yarn based on a high-quality PES yarn that we wrap with our metalloplastic filaments in order to achieve a perfectly processable, beautifully shiny textile haberdashery. In addition to these, we naturally also offer embroidery threads in classic textile threads based on different raw materials and in different thicknesses.

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Stationsstraat 54 Brakel 9660 Belgium