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Office Smartwear S.A. Boulevard Initialis 28 Mons 7000 Belgium Tel: +32 (0)65 84 23 85 Fax: +32 (0)65 84 66 76 Website:

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When it was created (2003), SMARTWEAR S.A. was interested in new technologies in the world of the interface between man and his environment (intelligent textiles). SMARTWEAR has collaborated in various research programs creating the link between the world of research and the textile sector, in particular in the control of the needs for integration of sensors within textiles.

In 2008, SMARTWEAR refocused its activities on a technological axis more focused on the concept of wireless sensors and data repatriation networks. A first capital increase enabled it to continue its research and development efforts in collaboration with MULTITEL.

Today (2010), SMARTWEAR presents itself as a solution provider in the fields of RFID integration (Radio Frequency IDentification) and positioning and more particularly in terms of local positioning system (LPS) for confined environments.

As a spin-off of the Multitel research center, SMARTWEAR has remained close to the academic world and participates in innovative tracking and tracing projects. Its capitalization is mainly held by the company CEDREBEL, which finances many of the projects resulting from the research center.

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Smartwear S.A. Boulevard Initialis 28 Mons 7000 Belgium