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Made to fit and extraordinarily comfortable, Sizable underwear is the benchmark for the modern man.

As the first layer between our intimate selves and another person’s gaze, we should think of our underwear as a second skin. Although we know it’s there, we ought to be able to forget it. When it comes to choosing underwear, comfort is our main priority. But how can it be comfortable if it is mass produced, sloppily designed and comes in standard sizes? In other words, if it will fit more or less anyone, but doesn’t fit anyone well? It pulls here, it’s too tight there, it moves, it irritates, it sags and finally you throw it away! If we take time and care choosing our shoes, trousers and coats, why not do the same for essential, indispensable underwear? In that respect, Sizable satisfies both a demand and a need.

Perfectly fitting, moisture-absorbing Sizable underwear lets you feel fresh and comfortable all day long. You’ll soon realise how luxurious it is. And with Sizable, you can afford it.

By definition, we wear our underwear between our skin and our clothing – except for Superman, that is. It is crucial, therefore, for it to combine several qualities all day, every day. Sizable products offer a combination of comfort, breathability and softness. They are a pleasure to touch and a joy to wear.

Inspired by the philosophy of classic craftsmanship, Sizable has devised three body types – Jim, Joe and Jack – three lines competing to achieve a single goal: to ensure your underwear is the perfect fit.

Our garments and underwear are light and invisible, once you’re wearing them, you forget them. You can go about your day with complete peace of mind, Sizable has got you covered.

Created from durable fiber like eucalyptus, bamboo and organic cotton, Sizable garments and underwear are environmentally friendly, sustainable and 100% European-made. In short, eco-responsibility combined with elegance at affordable prices. Sizable is tomorrow’s fashion today.