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Contact: Inneke x Inneke Goyvaerts
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Simple comme Bonjour is a refined Belgian jewellery brand with a unique, quirky twist. Apart from our permanent collection of timeless jewellery, we also offer people a helping hand in designing and creating a golden memento of the special moments that life bestows on us.


Master goldsmith Inneke Goyvaerts makes every piece by hand according to the artisanal tradition. Every piece of jewellery carries her masterstamp, an officially recognized quality label that she is allowed to mark her jewellery with since 2006.

You can also recognize her jewellery by the original and somewhat quirky designs yet extremely technical. Always in a subtle way so the jewels don’t lose their timeless and refined look.

For Inneke a design is more than just its appearance. It’s a prolonging from your identity and carries a story in it. A story to cherish a lifelong, to carry with you every day and to pass onto the next generation.

Therefore Inneke crafts her jewellery solely in gold, the most durable precious metal. We consciously choose to work with honest or recycled gold and for this we proudly received the Fairmined label. Our certificated diamonds are originated from conflict-free areas and our production process as well as our packaging are done the most ecological way possible. That way your jewel represent a pure memory of your own personal story.

The creation of a jewel for the most precious moment of your or someone else’s life is not always that easy. That’s why at Simple comme Bonjour we offer you a framework with different possibilities and personal guidance in making the right choices when it comes to materials, design and finishing touch. So that all these result in a unique piece that perfectly represents you or your loved ones.

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Motstraat 54 Mechelen 2800 Belgium