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Jan-Pieter Minckelersstraat 5 Leuven 3000 Belgium Tel: +32 486 26 61 40 Website:

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Service Retouche in Leuven, tailor-made service in clothing repair and retouches

Adjust or repair clothing in Leuven

Is your jacket a little too big and do you want to have it taken in? Or is there a tear in your favorite dress and it urgently needs to be repaired? Service Retouche in Leuven offers you a full service in retouching and clothing repair. Both for men and for women.

We carry out repairs for individuals and companies. So you can also come to us with your catering outfits or work clothes.

We work accurately, quickly and cheaply. Moreover, with sustainable results. After a repair or retouching by Service Retouche in Leuven, your favorite outfit will fit like a glove again.

Extensive experience in repairs

Repairing clothes is a profession in its own right. We ensure that your garment is repaired with the right materials and in a way that guarantees a long life.

We are happy to give you honest advice.

Your wishes are central. Even if you need something urgently repaired. Our express service will carry out your repairs quickly, so that you can enjoy your garment again in no time.

Customized retouches

Have you bought a suit, but it is not yet perfect? Or do you want to take your dress or shorten your pants for the summer? Our employees carry out retouches that make your clothes fit perfectly to your body.

Our sewing workshop has a fitting room, in which we carefully make the adjustments. We then start working on the basis of the new sizes and ensure a good result.

Not just for clothes

In addition to repairs and retouching of clothing, we also carry out repairs and adjustments to other fabrics and products. A small selection of the possibilities:

adjusting curtains and blackout curtains

adjusting buckskin and leather

restore leather chair

repair torn backpack

In short, for all adjustments and repairs to fabric you have come to the right place at Service Retouche.


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Jan-Pieter Minckelersstraat 5 Leuven 3000 Belgium