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Sarah Josis

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Sarah Josis studied fashion design and journalism in Brussels, her home town. After a post-master’s degree at S Mode in Paris, the young designer started working for major fashion houses such as Burberry and Joseph.  It was only natural that she wanted to start her own business in Brussels.

In a desire to keep a line in phase with her time and her creative desire, the designer has developed a line for weddings, minimal and timeless.


Her latest collection is anchored in an era where the modern woman combines strength and softness. From an early age, Sarah Josis has always been surrounded by women of character who have inspired her creative evolution. Seeing her grandmother elegantly wear a jacket with a clean cut, masculine and almost committed to her time, was the reason for this collection launched from its centerpiece, the masculine-feminine jacket proposed for a resolutely modern marriage.


In a society where the impression of being against the current, the designer wanted to carry more than just a collection but a movement of words, an ode to union where each piece carries the wish to defend a sustainable future and where we are one with the ecological and ethical values in which the designer believes. Marriage becomes a strong symbol where the garment takes on a minimalist look with clean but straightforward lines. Each fabric, whose material is designed to be combined with a certain colourful future, allows us to project ourselves towards more than just a single event.