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Sarah Corynen

Office AUGUST NOBELSSTRAAT 9 SINT NIKLAAS 9100 Belgium Tel: +32 477 610141 Website:

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°1970, Belgium

I am a Belgian designer and artist, originally educated in fashion design (Royal Academy Antwerp). For many years I have been employed in the fashion industry and related fields. Gradually I started focusing more on the graphic and experimental side of my work and at the same time I limited my fashionwork to the knitwear medium.

A few years ago I started a ‘made to order’ knitwear collection, recently available at the Comme des Garçons store “Trading Museum” in Tokyo, Japan. In addition to the knitwear I make drawings, graphic artworks and objects using different media such as black indian ink, colored markers, cardboard, b and w photocopy, acrylic colors, etc. In the past years I have developed a body of work in which applied and autonomous art coexist. I mainly find inspiration in (conflicting) daily life situations. In all my work I try to maintain a graphical language that is bold, simple, brute, witty and straightforward .

My goal for the near future is to further develop this graphic style and aesthetic in self-initiated or commissioned projects (surface pattern design, editorial illustration, artprojects, limited editions, graphic novels…). I welcome the opportunity to discuss potential collaborations or assignments with companies who feel they are a good fit for my style and aesthetic

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