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Office Kapellestraat 8 Hamme 9220 Belgium Tel: +32 52 47 75 26 Fax: +32 52 47 81 41 Website:

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In addition to printing stationery, Recto Verso also offers textile printing in Hamme. Would you like to have your company logo or the logo of your sports club printed on a T-shirt, jacket or sports bag? We are happy to carry this out for you with the greatest precision!

We provide full color printing from one piece on any type of textile. A personal print such as a photo with possibly a nice text is possible, as is the printing of T-shirts for an upcoming promotional weekend of your company. We also offer a transfer system for colored or black T-shirts, which is a color print on a transfer with a white backing. In our shop in Hamme we are happy to show you some examples to give you a better idea.

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Kapellestraat 8 Hamme 9220 Belgium