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Office POLYTRA nv Potvlietlaan 7 Antwerpen 2600 BelgiumOffice POLYTRA CONGO sprl Avenue Luvua 1 Lubumbashi D.R. Congo Tel: +32(0)3 205 05 01 Tel: +243 99 185 44 99 Website:

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forwarder in the business since 1973.

POLYTRA is all about thinking ahead.

POLYTRA shares its passion with you. From daily transport to “mission impossible”, we consider every job as an exciting challenge. At POLYTRA, we don’t take no for an answer. Even when it comes to special goods or distant and challenging destinations, you can count on our expertise to get it there, on time, every time.

We do more than just ship your cargo. We actively construct innovative solutions for faster, safer and more economical transportation. As logistics partners and experts we assist you to develop methods to streamline your own operations.

We have a proven expertise in “African logistics”, projects & engineering, 3PL freight forwarding and supply chain management. POLYTRA offers the full range of services the client would expect from committed market leaders. Thanks to our highly developed IT system, we assist the client to find the right solution for their logistics requirements.

Thanks to our extensive network, we are able to ensure a smooth passage for all your cargoes to all destinations, even through unknown territory.

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POLYTRA nv Potvlietlaan 7 Antwerpen 2600 Belgium

POLYTRA CONGO sprl Avenue Luvua 1 Lubumbashi D.R. Congo