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Office 8, Avenue de la Grande Closière Lillois 1428 Belgium Tel: +32 (2) 384 64 21 Mobile: 32 (2) 384 64 21 Mobile: +32 (0) 498 73 38 73 Website:

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 2000, his work was recognized by the Walloon Brabant Arts and Craft Agency.

 In 2006Pierre Vanherck has his brand registered under the name Pierre Création and had his designs recognized as registered trademarks. During the same year, he won “La Vitrine de l’artisan” contest.

• 2009 came to a close with a very special honour: Pierre Vanherck creates a prestigious cane to be presented to Pope Benedict XVI during the Christmas festivities held in Rome.

• 2012 was more of a transition year. With growing international demand and opportunities to partner with other brands, Pierre Vanherck was encouraged to develop his new brand name, Pierre Vanherck ®, and proposing ever more exclusive canes.

• In 2014, the design of such majestic canes continues to evolve where the only limit is imagination.

• In 2015, creation of the first olfactory cane


• In 2017, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Palais de Justice in Brussels and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Joseph Poelaert. Larcier and Meta-Morphosis Editions asked Pierre Vanherck to create a “stick of justice”. This was offered and delivered by Pierre Vanherck to the judicial authorities of the Brussels Palace of Justice on September 1, 2017

• In 2018, Pierre Vanherck is the laureate from the 2018 Champagne Award.
This award was given by Thibaut Le Mailloux, Communication Director of the Champagne Committee on proposal of the Benelux Champagne Office.
The Champagne Award is a prestigious recognition awarded in several countries worldwide including Belgium.
On this occasion a prestige cane was created on the theme of Champagne:

• In 2019, creation of the first microchips cane. This technology not only certifies the origin of the materials that make up the works, but also authenticates them. This as creations imagined and produced entirely in Belgium. This traceability makes these canes unique, exclusive and non-reproducible.

• In 2020 – 2021,Artist and craftsman, creator of exceptional canes for 17 years, Pierre Vanherck took advantage of this lockdown period to take art out of its frame and the cane out of its traditional use and create “Mysteries of Creation”. Rarity of precious stones and woods, technical prowess and poetry are the essence of these exclusive and original works. Pierre Vanherck invite you to discover the first triptych of “Art comes out of its frame”

• In 2021, Maison Pierre Vanherck has entered the digital age and more specifically the Blockchain age. On request, the authenticity certificate of a work, has its digital copy registered in the blockchain. The inscription of the BAP (Biometric Art Passport) in the blockchain makes it possible to create a verifiable, unique, indestructible and inviolable link between the physical work and the digital work. Thanks to this, the DNA of the work registered in the blockchain is made unfalsifiable.

• In 2022, Maison Pierre Vanherck is part of the Artisans recommended and recognized Master Craftsman by the Prestigious Foundation Michel Angelo of Geneva.
From now on you will find our page in the Homo Faber Guide : here
This guide aims to promote the excellence of craftsmanship throughout Europe by referencing artisans who excel in their fields.


All our products are designed and manufactured in Belgium, our suppliers are selected based on their work excellence. All the wood we are using is carefully selected and registered with CITES*.

*Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.


We master particular techniques allowing us to combine precious woods & metals.
All our products are entirely handmade.
There is no quality compromise, this is why all our products are guaranteed for life.


For more than 20 years, Pierre Vanherck designed and manufactured unique & timeless accessories

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8, Avenue de la Grande Closière Lillois 1428 Belgium